Development and education

Our educative practices are guided by 'Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework'.  We believe that the foundation of children's learning is reliant upon building strong connections and reciprocal relationships between the family and educators.  This is further enhanced in the daily social interactions that the children have with each other and the educators. 

The children learn through active participation and hands-on experiences.  We give children the opportunity to engage in activities that promote their cognitive, social/emotional and physical learning.  Through hands-on learning the child has opportunities to be creative, experience independence, decision making, cooperation, persistence, and develop their problem solving skills. 

Through provision of materials and equipment, staff can challenge a child's thinking and development.  The children's interests are an important part of the centre's programming and an integral part of the child's learning process.  The use of open-ended materials allows the child diversity of use, creativity, opportunities for language, and social and emotional development.

Behavioural support

At Tweed Heads Community Preschool staff work together to direct the child towards behaviour that benefits themselves and the people around them.  Redirecting a child's behaviour allows them to be safe and maintain their self-worth.  Using behavioural guidance strategies assists the child to direct their own behaviour so that it is eventually based on of self-regulation, also understanding and appreciating others needs, rights and feelings.

Additional needs, and ATSI


Children enrolled with additional needs, of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent may attract additional funding from our funding body.   Primary contact staff will liaise with parents and relevant agencies to accommodate any additional needs.  Enrolment will take into consideration the centre's physical status, staff availability, availability of funding for a support worker, and recommendations of the child's specialists, therapists and agencies involved with the child.

Code of ethics

At Tweed Heads Community Preschool we embrace the Australian Early Childhood Code of Ethics which includes: respect, democracy, honesty, integrity, justice, courage, inclusivity, social and cultural responsiveness and education.  For a copy go to​.

Child Protection

Strategies in place at our centre​

* All staff have been assessed as suitable for employment.  Reference checks are conducted before the applicant is formally offered the position, and this includes the 'Working with Children Check'.​

* All staff have completed 'Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk of Harm'.

* All primary staff are mandatory reporters of suspected abuse.

Further information can be accessed in our policy book.

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