Parents as partners

As a parent, you are one of the most important teachers in your child's life.  You teach your child personal values and reinforce their self-esteem and self-worth.  Your involvement in your child's education can bridge the gap between home and the service.

Spend time with your child at the centre

Parents are welcome to take the opportunity to come into the centre to participate with your child, help out, observe how their child works within a group situation, get to know Educators, become familiar with the program and the operation of the service.

Become a committee member

The service is a community managed preschool, which is run by parents and community members.  Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting at the beginning of each preschool year.  Committee and parent meetings are held monthly and parents are encouraged to take an active role in the management of the service for the benefit of the children.

Talk to staff

Become familiar with the people who will be caring and educating your child.  Your knowledge and information about your child can be invaluable information to them.  We welcome any information and resources that will encourage inclusivity within our program.

Fundraising and events

Our service is a non-profit organisation and all equipment purchased is through the dedication of our parents committed to fundraising.  Your ideas and input are welcome at meetings or through a committee member.  These events give families the opportunity to meet on an informal basis.


Parents are an important and necessary inclusion with excursions and events.  Their assistance is needed to maintain safety requirements with supervision and to maintain adult:child ratios.  Notes for parental permission will be sent home with full details of the proposed excursion.  Excursions /Incursions enrich the child's experiences outside the home and the preschool.

Contribute your talents or experiences

You may have a talent or experience you wish to share with the children.  You may play a musical instrument or be from another culture that will extend the children's idea of the world.  Talk to the Authorised Supervisor - we are always looking to diversify our program to extend the children's experiences.

Maintenance and gardening

If you enjoy tinkering with maintenance tasks or gardening, we welcome your assistance!