Your Child's Comfort

Settling in

Children are individuals within their settling-in process at preschool, parents can be a major and positive influence


* Visit the service beforehand and allow the child to investigate the environment within the security and comfort of the parent
* If the parent is at-ease the child will feel more comfortable during their time of transition from home to care
* Talk to staff if you have any concerns about your child's first days
* When you leave be sure to tell the child and reassure them that you will be back to pick them up
* Be sure to call during the day if you have any concerns that your child is not settling
*Staff will always contact you if your child is upset and unable to settle

Your child's comfort

It is important that your child has their own belongings at preschool.  It contributes to their sense of self and security.


All meals are provided by the parents.  Lunchboxes will be placed into a refrigerator.  It is important to the child's health that you provide food that is of nutritional value. Please provide a lunchbox that your child can open (or work towards opening), eggf independently.​


In this time of environmental awareness, we request that parents keep packaging of food to a minimum.  Food and snacks can be  placed in a reusable container with a lid.  This helps our environment and cuts down on our already overflowing rubbish bin.

Food Allergies and Intolerance

We take the safety and well being of the children very seriously and have a duty of care to keep them safe.  In the event that a child is enrolled at the service with a food allergy or intolerance that may be impacted by outside influences, such as exposure to food residue e.g. nuts, eggs, dairy - a risk assessment will be put in place and all families will be informed to ensure the safety of the child.  It is vital that parents/carers inform Educators of all allergies and intolerance, accurately complete the relevant part of the enrollment form and provide the Director with a 'Medical Action Plan'  completed by the child's Medical Practitioner. 



You will need to supply your child with their own water (no milk, juice or cordials - just water!) Please supply a bottle that your child can access independently. 

Quiet time

For your child's comfort please supply:

* One fitted cot sized sheet

* A small blanket for cooler months

* A pillow case or bag to place all of the above in (no drawstrings or plastic bags)

Please ensure your child's name is marked on all belongings.

Clothing, hats, sunscreen, insect repellent

Comfortable clothing that you and your child are happy to get dirty is best suitable for preschool.

*Spare clothing- is an absolute must. Your child may become wet or dirty whilst enjoying water or messy play. At times children may have toilet accidents. Please include a set of spare clothes.

* Hats- the children must bring along a hat, preferably one that can be left at preschool. Hats are compulsory for outdoor play and excursions.

*Sunscreen- during the warmer months our outdoor play is usually a morning session, parents can apply sunscreen before the child comes to preschool. The service also supplies sunscreen and insect repellent for you to apply. If you wish to supply your own sunscreen please do not leave it in your child's bag, hand it to a staff member.

Parent responsibilities

All parents or persons nominated by parents must register their child's arrival and departure in the sign-in book.  Be sure that their arrival and departure is also acknowledged by a staff member.  ​

Staff will not hand a child over to a person other than the custodial parent or guardian unless prior arrangements have been made on the 'Authorisation to Collect' list on the child's enrollment form. 

Court orders - The preschool has a Custody Dispute policy in place.  Please let the Director know if there are any Court Orders in place restricting any persons having access to their child who is enrolled in the preschool. We must sight the original court documentation and retain a copy with your child's file.

No minor (under the age of 18 years) will be given the responsibility or authority of a child leaving the centre. 

Parents will need to inform staff (with 24 hours notice) if their child requires the extended half hour until 4pm.

​​Absences - if your child is absent please contact the service and indicate the length of time your child will be away.  Fees still apply for absent days.



On enrolment, parents are required to provide evidence that their child or children are immunised.  This is a directive from the Australian Department of Health in line with their objective of full immunisation for all children. For further information regarding the National Immunisation Program Schedule please access the link below.

Your child is considered not immunised if homeopathically treated. Parents/Carers must provide an updated Medicare 'Immunisation History' statement or 'Immunisation History' form (children who are on a recognised catch-up program or a 'Medical Exemption' form (certified by a GP)

Children who are not vaccinated due to their parent's conscientious objection will no longer be able to access enrolment in early childhood services.  Services will be penalised if found not to be complying with this regulation.

Medication, infections and preschool

Please check with the Director after any infectious illnesses your child has suffered before returning your child to the preschool. Please inform staff if your child has been ill the previous night. If medication has been required and/or prescribed consider that your child may be better at home. 

All details of medication to be given at preschool are to be noted in the medication book, and signed by both the parent and a member of staff.  Only medications with the original pharmacist applied label with child's name and dosage will be administered. 


Please consider an ailing child will take longer to recover if sent to preschool and will infect other children and staff members.​